Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of industrial specialty blades in Japan.


Environmental policy


Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. Co., Ltd. contributes to society by offering products and services relating to "cutting" and "punching" and makes voluntary and continuous efforts to conserve and improve the global environment.

Environmental Policy

  • 1. Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. is committed to establishing, operating, maintaining and improving our environmental management system to accurately understand the impact of corporate activities relating to "cutting" and "punching" on the environment and reduce the load on the environment therefrom.
  • 2. Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. observes environmental laws, regulations and agreements concerning business activities, products and services.
  • 3. Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. is committed to addressing environmental issues relating to its business activities, products and services particularly:
    • - Reducing the disposal volume of steel, cutting lubricant, etc. by improving yields in production processes;
    • - Reducing electricity use, a main energy source, and;
    • - Reducing general waste.
  • 4. Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. ensures that all employees understand the basic environmental policies.
  • 5. Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. makes this environmental policy available both to employees and to the public.

Toshiya Tsukatani
President and Representative Director
Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. Co., Ltd.