Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of industrial specialty blades in Japan.


Steel cutting rulesCB / SB / CDB / SDB


Tsukatani offers a wide range of steel cutting rules made of various materials for addressing a variety of user needs, including hard and durable rules and flexible riles suitable for bend-forming. You can find cutting rules best-suited to the material to be punched and purpose of use.

Edge shape of steel cutting rules

  • CB 42°
    CB 42°

    Most common shape of center bevel with 42° tip angle

  • CB 30°
    CB 30°

    Center bevel with 30° tip angle used for special films requiring sharp cutting

  • SB

    Side bevel edge with 51° tip angle used to cut the outer rims of packings, gaskets, etc. in a straight line.

  • SDB

    Side double bevel blade with 51° tip angle. Like side bevel cutting rules, it is used to cut outer rims in a straight line, remove burrs, etc.

  • CDB

    Center double bevel with 55° tip angle offering high durability suitable for thick synthetic paper

Examples of use

  • Paper container
    Paper container
  • Display
  • Cardboard
  • Example of mounting on a punch
    Example of mounting on a punch

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