Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of industrial specialty blades in Japan.


Special processing (Both AP and NP)


  • Hard type
    Hard type

    Hardness HRC68
    Higher durability

  • DLC coating
    DLC coating

    Hardness HV1200
    Greater durability by combining with hard type

  • Laser hardening type
    Laser hardening type

    Hardness HRC63
    Deeper hardened process than hard type
    Appropriate for full cutting

Coating against glue

  • TS coating (measures against glue)
    TS coating (measures against glue)

    Super thin filmy non-adhesive coating (monomolecular bond)
    Alleviate adhesion of glue and ink
    Easy cleaning


  • Different height edges
    Different height edges

    Combination of full cutting and half cutting
    Max. gap 0.2mm

  • T-Shaped different height edge
    T-Shaped different height edge

    Available at T-shaped parts

  • Different height perforation
    Different height perforation

    Gap differs depending on material

  • Side edge
    Side edge

    Low cutting resistance <Patented>

  • Side-open edge (SOE)
    Side-open edge (SOE)

    Wire-processed side edge <Patented>

  • Irregular angles edge
    Irregular angles edge

    Possible to combine five different angles (15°, 20°, 25°, 30°and 40°)

  • Micro perforation
    Micro perforation

    Available 4 types of pitches
    Cut 0.20 x uncut 0.15mm
    Cut 0.28 x uncut 0.23mm
    Cut 0.30 x uncut 0.20mm
    Cut 0.35 x uncut 0.15mm
    Pitch depth 0.25mm
    *Consult us for pitches other than the above.

  • Base-through hole
    Base-through hole

    Diameter 2mm or more
    Indispensable for pattern matching and secondary process

  • Positioning pin
    Positioning pin
  • Wire hole processing
    Wire hole processing

    Not only circles, but also various shapes

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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