Tsukatani Hamono Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of industrial specialty blades in Japan.


Peripheral equipment

Magnetic cylinder

Magnetic cylinder
  • - A strong 2200 Gauss magnet positively secures the Pinnacle Die.
  • - Scratch-resistant journal by quench hardening
  • - Bearer replaceable structure cylinder
  • - Pre-processed gears (50 to 154) are available for label printers.
  • - Max. cylinder size: 1,500mm(L) x 250mm (Dia.); surface length: 950mm; Max. load: 200kgs
  • - Feel free to contact us for your special requirement specs.

Magnetic plate & aluminum plate

Magnetic plate & aluminum plate
  • - Magnetic plate and aluminum plate are made from hard aluminum, which render themselves resistant to impact. For flat die cutting, the magnetic plate is recommended to ensure easy setting.
  • - Parallel ground magnetic late assured the cutting ability of the Pinnacle Die whose edge height is finished to an accuracy of ±0.003mm (±0.005mm).
  • - Thickness of 7mm to 24mm are supported. [Max. size: 250mm X 250mm for 8mm and 350 mm X 350mm for 24mm]
  • - We are ready to design and manufacture various specifications such as label print, press and other machines.

Unit for magnetic cylinder (RDC RB type)

Unit for magnetic cylinder (RDC RB type)
  • - It is recommended to use Tsukatani magnetic cylinder to enable the Pinnacle Die to exhibit its superb cutting quality to the maximum.
  • - All Tsukatani units are designed to fix corner metals to achieve the stable punching,
  • - The anvil roll (reception barrel) is hardened and hard chrome plated to minimize scratches on the surface.
  • - Various specifications can be designed and manufactured.
  • - 500-kg and 1500-kg digital display load cells are able to be installed.

Load cell (load meter of 500 kg/1500 kg)

Load cell (load meter of 500 kg/1500 kg)
  • - Converts the amount of force being applied to the sensor into an electrical signal and indicates the amount in digital form.
  • - Useful guide for adjusting pressure balance on the operation side and the gear side when setting cutting tools.
  • - Two types of load meters (500 kg, 1500 kg) are available.

Simple punch unit (RDC-FB type)

Simple punch unit (RDC-FB type)
  • - Test-punching is easily performed on a table.
  • - Height is easily adjusted.
  • - Both Pinnacle Die and conventional cutting die can be used (A3 type only)
  • - Effective range to punch paper (machine proper size: mm)
    A3 type (710 X 725 X 250 75kgs)
    A4 type (470 X 420 X 190 20kgs)
    A5 type (380 X 355 X 190 14kgs)
    A6 type (320 X 310 X 190 9kgs)

Combination of Pinnacle Die

Combination of Pinnacle Die
Base through-hole and positioning pin or spring pin

Use base through-holes and positioning pins to set a Pinnacle Die and a plate in parallel, and use the base through-holes and spring pins to keep accurate position during the secondary press.

Wire processing Pinnacle Die and metallic mold

Unite a wire-processed Pinnacle Die with a metallic mold. Half-cut by Pinnacle Die and full-cut by male/female metallic mold solve cutting scrap problem.

Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

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